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The Writing Game

A Game of Drabbles and Discovery. (Chart of Successes...)

From the community, writing_game
The Board.
(Figured out that I didn't have to roll the dice everytime. :head-desk:)

(rolled a 6) (G-N) G – Prompt: Guard +2
Title: Duties
Character(s): Zenalia (Zen)
Word count: 163

(rolled a 1) E – Prompt: Earring +2
Title: Insight
Character(s): Zenalia (Zen), Yunaleska (Yuna), Rianna (Rio)
Wordcount: 925

(rolled a 1) F – Prompt: Fog +3
Title: lost not found, watched and searching
Character(s): Zen, Rio, San, Yuna, Aleyna
Wordcount: 294

(rolled a 3) H – Prompt: Hoax +3
Title: Seemed Smart at the Time...
Character(s): Rio, Zen, Tatsu, Aleyna, San, Reed, Koryu
Wordcount: 116

J - Prompt: Jocular +3
Title: Hats Off
Character(s): Koryu, Rio
Wordcount: 185

L – Character: Lanky +2
Title: Don’t Kiss the Messenger
Character(s): Rio, Koryu
Wordcount: 321

M – Prompt: Machine +3
Title: Reasoning Against Bullets
Character(s): San, Zen
Wordcount: 193)

X – Prompt: Excruciating +3
Title: Demon in my View
Character(s): Koryu, Rio
Wordcount: 401

Total Points: 21


Fandom: Broken Fayth
Player’s Choice Red – Prompt: Sable (+1) Character: Rake (+2) Action: Degrade (+1)
Title: Meetings
Character(s): Marguerite, Artemis
Wordcount: 502

Total Points: 25


NOTE: All links go to my writing journal, dark_angel_shui, which is FRIENDS ONLY. (sorry.)
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